Players learn how to keep possession of the ball and how to look to pass the ball up the field.


  • Set up four cones so that they form a rectangle that’s about 20 yards long and 10 yards wide.
  • There should be a line running through the middle of the rectangle so that two sections are created that measure about 10×10 each. You could use the sideline, goal line, or anything else.
  • Divide the players into groups of five.

How it Works

  1. Begin with two attacking players on one side and one attacking player on the other side.
  2. There should be one defender in each half.
  3. The ball will begin with one of the two attacking players.
  4. These two players must pass the ball to each other five times.
  5. Then they have to look to pass the ball to the other attacker on the other side.
  6. Once that pass is made, one of the two attackers goes into the other half of the field and a 2v1 is created there.
  7. The defenders try to steal the ball from the attackers and if they are successful the drill moves to the other side of the rectangle.
  8. The process repeats it-self.

Coaching Tips

  • This is an excellent exercise that teaches players to make runs to get open and to communicate with each other.
  • It also helps defensive players develop needed skills in a 2v1 scenario.