Circle the Cone Soccer Possession Drills

Circle the Cone

Purpose Players will learn to make quick crisp passes. Drill Setup For this drill you need one cone, two players, and a ball. How it Works Set one player about 15 yards from the cone.

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3 vs 3 Plus Three Soccer Possession Drill

3 vs 3 Plus Three

Purpose This is a great drill for teaching players how to move and communicate so that they keep possession of the ball. Setup Arrange four cones into a square that’s about 20 yards

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Four Corners Go Soccer Possession Drill

4 Corners Go

Purpose Players learn to keep control of their dribble and they also learn to shield the ball from their opponents. Setup Set-up four cones to form a square that’s 30 yards by 30

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Dribble Direction Soccer Possession Drill

Dribble Direction

Purpose Players will learn to follow the coach and dribble the ball while staying aware of what's going on around them. Drill Setup On one half of the field, line-up the

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Chase The Ball

Purpose Chasing after a loose ball and then transitioning to offense and defense is key in soccer. The purpose of this drill is to help with that offensive and defensive transition.

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Control The Volley

Purpose Players learn how volley control plays a role in both individual and team effort to maintain possession of the ball. Drill Setup Arrange your players into groups of three players

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Circle Drill

Purpose This is a great possession drill that can be done anywhere as long as there’s a ball. Drill Setup Organize the players into groups of six players and have them form a

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Angle of Support

Purpose Players will learn to sprint to the open position next to their teammate with the ball so that they can maintain possession of the ball as a team. Setup Set the

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