22 Passing and Receiving Drills To Keep Possession and Create Attacking Combinations

Passing and receiving.

They're the two skills that connect the individual parts of a team... into an finely tuned machine.

But it's more than just booting the ball to an open man. Great passing teams need to master a variety of different techniques:

  • Passing the ball with the proper pace, so it arrives firmly to the feet of the receiver (but not so fast that it's hard control)
  • Passing the ball with accuracy, on the ground or in the air, directly to a teammate or into space
  • Passing the ball with the correct timing, so your team can seamlessly transition into the next phase of your attack
  • Receiving the ball with an effective first touch -- and for more advanced players, controlling it into the space away from a challenging opponent

As a coach, you understand how important it is to work on passing and receiving in practice.

But you simply don't have the time to attend clinics, research new drills, or plan out skill progressions.

That's why we created these Print n' Go Soccer Practice Plans.

We've Done The Hard Work For You

And created 5 fun and effective practice plans specifically designed for passing and receiving.

So all you gotta do is show up at the field and follow the step by step instructions.

No stress. No fuss. No wasted time.

You just have fun with the kids and take all the credit.

Passing and Receiving Fundamentals... Simplified

At eSoccerDrills, our job is to make your life easy.

So we created a step by step guide to developing passing and receiving fundamentals that works for every age and competitive level.

You'll get instant access to 22 simple, fun and EFFECTIVE drills to help your players keep possession and create attacking combinations.

All organized into step by step practice plans that are guaranteed to save you time, eliminate your coaching stress, and rapidly improve your team.

So no matter how busy you are, or how little experience you have, you can run an AMAZING soccer practice that will engage your kids (and impress other coaches and parents)... starting tonight!

Here's How It Works

  • Download

    Save the PDF file directly to your computer or mobile device

  • Print

    Print out the practice plan and review the drills

  • Practice

    Run a fun, effective and stress-free practice your players will love!

You'll Get 22 Simple Drills for Passing and Receiving

We'll start by breaking down 22 simple, fun and effective soccer drills to help you improve your team's passing and receiving.

You'll discover simple practice ideas to teach the basic fundamentals. Plus, competitive passing drills to help prepare your kids for live game situations. With restricted time, limited space, and aggressive defenders challenging for the ball.

Each drill is broken down with step by step instructions, diagrams, and coaching tips. So they're easy to use - even if you're brand new to coaching.

  • Star Wars Drill
  • Triangle Pass
  • Partner Passing
  • Relay Passing
  • Scoring Zone Scrimmage
  • Circle Passing
  • Four Corners Drill
  • Three-peat Drill
  • Technical Passing
  • Four Square Drill
  • Back Pass Drill
  • Three Ball Possesion
  • 3 Pass Scrimmage
  • And many more...

Plus 5 Print n' Go Practice Plans

Your package also includes five minute by minute practice plans, complete with diagrams and time blocks to keep you on track.

Each practice includes a dynamic warm-up, fundamental skill development, and game-like drills to rapidly improve your players.

Just print out the plan (or save it to your phone), head to the field, and get ready to run a killer practice!

  • 60 Minute Passing & Receiving Practice Plan (Beginner)
  • 60 Minute Passing & Receiving Practice Plan (Beginner)
  • 90 Minute Passing & Receiving Practice Plan (Intermediate)
  • 90 Minute Passing & Receiving Practice Plan (Advanced)
  • 120 Minute Passing & Receiving Practice Plan (Advanced)
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60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident in these soccer practice plans that we’re going to put our money (and reputation) on the line.

Try one of these plans at your next practice. If you don’t think it was one of the most stress-free, effective and efficient practices you’ve EVER had… just write back and we’ll give you a full, fast and cheerful refund.

No questions asked. No fine print. No wiggle clauses.

You love the plans or you don’t pay for them. Period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence? Check out these answers to the most common questions customers ask...

  • q-iconWhat age is this designed for?

    The drills range from basic fundamentals that can be used with any age group, to advanced concepts which are more appropriate for experienced teams. To make it easy, we’ve organized the plans into Beginner (60 mins), Intermediate (90 mins) and Advanced (120 mins). You can use the plans as-is, or modify them as needed to fit the needs of your team.

  • q-iconDo I need any special equipment?

    Nope. Just balls and cones. Some of the drills use goals, but you can just use two cones and get the same result.

  • q-iconHow do I access the drills? Is there anything to wait for in the mail?

    It’s all digital. As soon as your order is securely processed, we’ll send you into the members area where you can access everything in PDF format. You can download the drills and plans to your computer, print a hard copy, or save them to your mobile device.

  • q-iconWhat if I'm not happy with the material?

    All of our products come with a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the material for ANY reason (or no reason at all), just write back and let us know – we’ll give you a full, fast and cheerful refund right away.

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