Demolition Derby

Purpose Dribblers must protect their own ball wile also trying to steal balls from the other players. Drill Setup Create a 15 yard wide by 20 yard long grid and put a goal

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1 V 1 soccer defensive drill

1 V 1 Defensive Drill

Purpose Players practice their one-on-one defensive technique. Drill Setup Create a 7-yard by 7-yard square and put a goal in the center. How it Works Pair players up and give each pair one ball. One

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Invader Drill

Purpose Defenders practice stealing the ball from and then controlling it against multiple attackers. Drill Setup Create two adjacent 20 yard squares. Invaders try to steal the ball and score points for their team. How

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3 vs. 3 with Small Goals Defensive Drill

3 vs 3 with Small Goals

Purpose Players work on defensive fundamentals in a 3-on-3 setting. This drill pits 3 defenders against 3 attackers. Setup Mark off two fields that are approximately 15 yards wide by 20 yards long. Put

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Jockey Drill

Purpose Defenders learn to close out and “jockey” the offensive player backward away from the goal. Setup Mark off two 10-yard squares. Execution Defenders line up at one end, attackers at the other. Attacker

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Keep Away Drill

Purpose Players practice making pinpoint passes against defensive pressure. Set Up Two players stand on opposite edges of a circle. One player stands in the middle of the circle. Instructions 1. Players on

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Tackle Drill

Purpose Defenders learn to win the ball from an attacker on a tackle. Set Up Mark off two 10-yard squares. Instructions 1. Coach kicks a ball onto the pitch between the two lin Defenders

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Attack The Goal Drill

Purpose Defenders learn to stop an attacking offensive player and prevent him or her from scoring. Set Up Create a field that is 20 yards by 20 yards. Divide the team into

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